Thursday, September 09, 2010

MSU-Florida Atlantic indictment on college football scheduling

If attendance isn't great for Michigan State's game at Ford Field Saturday against Florida Atlantic, I don't feel like it will be an indictment on the lack of support for the Spartans in the Metro Detroit area.
Rather, I feel more like it will be an indictment on college football scheduling. Florida Atlantic has a good program - for its level. Howard Schnellenberger is a well-known coach, but the Sun Belt is widely-regarded as the lowest-rated conference in so-called Division I college football. There is no drawing power there.
The Notre Dame-MSU game would sellout at Ford Field. Or any Big Ten game involving MSU. Or maybe even against an opponent from a BCS conference.
It's just these type of games have little appeal - regardless of where they are played. And they are still relatively costly. When they added a 12th game, every big-time team just made it a cupcake game. It's not good for the fans.


Blogger Mark said...

I can't believe the ticket prices are still so high w/o people purchasing these tickets. I just went to the Lions website and they were still selling endzone upperbowl for like 60 dollars for two tickets!! I heard on the show earlier that you could walk up to the door and purchase $9 tickets?? Is this true???

6:28 PM 
Blogger Mark said...

Well I don't know if my last comment went through but do you know if you can just go to the stadium and buy cheap tickets? I heard the guys say earlier that they were selling them at the door for $9??

7:54 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Florida Atlantic was trying to raise some funds to help pay for its new stadium, which will open next year. So they overcharged, which wasn't good for MSU fans. My question is, why did MSU need to put this team on the road schedule?

9:41 PM 

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