Monday, May 24, 2010

What Dave Dombrowski Does Best

Toledo has just a 24-19 record this season. How can that be when the Mud Hens have had the likes of Brennan Boesch, Danny Worth and Casper Wells in their lineup?
Is it the Mud Hens or the '27 Yankees.
Seriously, it does speak to how well the Tigers are doing at developing players. There was a time, not long ago, when they would call up similar players and they couldn't play a lick. I haven't always been enamored with Dave Dombrowski's trades or veteran contract signings, but he has done an excellent job of building the Tigers organizationally.
The way Tiger minor league prospects are prepared for the major leagues when they arrive is proof. It's also a testament to Glenn Ezell and his effectiveness running the Tigers player development system.

Random Thoughts

- Honestly, I didn't think the Blackhawks would coast the finals. I strongly believe if they had played the Red Wings in the Western Conference finals instead of the Sharks, it wouldn't have been nearly the same cake walk. I think the Red Wings probably would have won a series against Chicago.

- I'm glad the Lakers didn't just run the Suns off the floor again. I'd like to see both Grant Hill and Steve Nash experience the NBA Finals. Both deserve it based on the totality of their respective careers.



Blogger Barry said...

Pat, the Tigers, Toledo and even down to Lakeland have one thing in common. Each team has the ability to shorten the game with outstanding bullpens. Tigers should always be a threat to others teams until their last out. The 06 and 84 Tigers had great bullpens.

6:48 PM 

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