Sunday, May 09, 2010

Don't Blame The Refs, Blame The Red Wings

It was a weird series, perhaps the strangest I can remember. How the Red Wings came into it after winning Game 7 in the opening round in Phoenix. How they allowed three quick goals in the first period of Game 1 against the Sharks. How the Red Wings, a team that has traditionally been so good at maintaining leads, kept blowing leads. How the referees kept calling one ridiculous ticky-tack penalty after another, but let the Sharks get away with a headshot to the Red Wings Johan Franzen in the third period of a tie match in Game 5.
But in truth, the Red Wings made their own bed here. They didn't, ultimately, live up to their championship pedigree. And the Sharks proved they no longer deserve their choker label.
Other than than a spectacular Game 4 victory Thursday night, the Red Wings' performance against the Sharks was underwhelming. They got what they deserved. Jimmy Howard was far from good enough in goal. The Red Wings inability to win faceoffs was shocking. Some of the penalties they took were unnecessary and could have been avoided. The Sharks adjusted to the landscape better. Bottom line.

My column in Monday's Oakland Press on where the Red Wings go from here:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course the refs missed Franzen's blatant hit to the head of Nichol in the last 2 minutes with his stick.
So they missed Murray's and they missed Franzen's it's all even. Except the Sharks move on and Detroit gets to revel in the fact they got 4 Cups.

1:15 AM 
Anonymous ScoWes said...

Howard's young so I don't think he's to be thrown under the bus yet. But I'm unsure he's not a re-incarnation of Cheveldae. Wings just couldn't win any real key faceoffs in the series.

The Zetterberg Pen-Shot miss in game 3 and the 'rotten, stinky goal' ended up being defining moments.

Might be time to consider moving Holmstrom on - that's a hard and shorter career in front of that net. Ask Cam Neely and Tim Kerr.

Getting Hudler back may help a little, as will the rest. I'm hard pressed to think when the last time was a team played as many games over a 3 years span as the Wings.

1:24 AM 
Blogger Fred Brill said...

The Wings got beat.

Except for Thursday's game, the Wings were a step behind the whole series.

But that being said - that was the wierdest ref'ed playoff series I ever saw. Usually only the blatent gets called.

7:24 AM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

If your point is the officiating was bad both ways and Red Wing fans should use it as an excuse, I agree.

1:07 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Time will tell on Howard. I do feel he's earned the right for another shot at it next spring. He has shown the proper flashes to believe some day it could take hold and he will learn from this.

1:08 PM 
Blogger Pat Caputo said...

Fred Brill,
I'm with you on this one. The Sharks were the better team. When the Wings got a lead, they stepped up the pace and tied the score and took the lead. It wasn't a coincidence the Sharks won all the close games.

1:09 PM 

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