Saturday, October 06, 2012

Thoughts after 8 innings, Oakland A's, Detroit Tigers, Game 1, ALDS

- There is a prevailing feeling the Tigers are only a home run away from a tie game with Joaquin Benoit on the mound in the eighth inning of a close game. But this time it stayed in the park on the drive by Brandon Moss to right field.Woe.
- Oakland reliever Pat Neshek presented a very difficult matchup for Omar Infante and Austin Jackson in the seventh. You could just sense their discomfort against his submarine delivery. Great timing on the pitching change by A's manager Bob Melvin. Starter Jarrod Parker had thrown only 96 pitches and still might have had something left in the tank. Great performance by Neshek under the stress of having lost his infant son earlier this week.
- The crowd has been fine tonight from the beginning, but it really didn't get rocking until Tigers starter Justin Verlander was in the midst of his strikeout streak in the seventh inning.


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