Sunday, October 07, 2012

Thoughts after 2 innings, Detroit Tigers, Oakland A's Game 2, ALDS

- It looks like the more Andy Dirks plays against left-handers, the more comfortable he is getting. He continues prove he is more than a platoon player.
- Missed opportunity there with bases loaded. Could hurt Tigers later.
- Honestly, when left-handed pitchers are forced to pitch to Miguel Cabrera, you wonder how they ever get him out. He was all over that double on an offering from Oakland's left-handed starter Tommy Milone during the first inning. What separates Cabrera as a hitter isn't only his recognition of pitches, but his plate coverage. So many more pitches are good pitches for Cabrera than they are for other hitters.
- Doug Fister has morphed from sinker-slider pitcher, who gets a lot of ground balls, into a strikeout pitcher during his time with the Tigers. He has the best swingback fastball I can remember seeing since Greg Maddux. It's been a key pitch for him this season, setting up his off-speed pitches. Late movement is the key to Fister missing bats, though, not velocity.
- The A's do have good range in the outfield, which is a key at spacious Comerica Park. Right fielder Josh Reddick had made some impressive plays in this series.


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