Saturday, October 06, 2012

Thoughts after 6 innings, A's, Tigers, Game 1 ALDS

- The Tigers needed starting pitcher Justin Verlander to get through seven innings tonight. It looks like he will, despite some rocky moments. It might even be eight after the sixth inning went so well for him. If anything, after throwing nearly 110 pitches, Verlander is just starting to get warmed up. Verlander after 110 pitches is still better than anybody in the Tigers' bullpen at one pitch. But there is is a limit. It's probably 130.
- Tigers catcher Alex Avila does have a live bat. It has been evident since he was first called to the major leagues. Consistency of power is another matter. But in fairness to Avila, he had a better season in 2012 than he is given credit. His OPS this year was .736, well above the major league average of .724 for 2012.
And he can hit the ball out to the opposite field, which he proved with his solo home run in the fifth inning.
- Maybe I spoke too soon about the A's lack of fielding...That was a brilliant play by right fielder Josh Reddick in the fifth inning, robbing Austin Jackson of at least a triple, and perhaps an inside-the-park home run. The A's definitely are not lacking grit. This game is far from over. Oakland has proven its propensity to rally in the late innings.


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