Sunday, October 07, 2012

Thoughts after 3 innings, Detroit Tigers, Oakland A's Game 2 ALDS

- It looks like if Miguel Cabrera batted 10 times against Tommy Milone, he'd get eight hits, all of them doubles up the left-center field gap.
- Avisail Garcia is still developing as a hitter. The A's are playing him to swing late and he has displayed little power. Yet, his throw, nailing Coco Crisp at the plate in the third inning, proves the value of his defense. He is the only Tigers' outfielder who would have made that play. It wasn't only a strong and accurate throw, but he charged the ball properly and unloaded it quickly. He has good speed, too. Garcia does make relatively consistent contact at the plate. The elements are there for the Tigers to have a major league regular in Garcia some day soon, and he is contributing right now. It was kind of gutsy move to bring him to the major leagues as soon as the Tigers did, but it has paid off.
- Doug Fister is not fooling the A's. He has made some very good pitches, but they are still getting good swings off him. Might be reason for concern.
- Sometimes it would benefit Delmon Young by not making contact. Runners on first and third and one out is one of those times because he has such a propensity to hit into double plays. The Tigers were fortunate this time Young was able to get the run in after hitting the ball on the ground in that situation.


Blogger spencersteel said...

Cabrera' misplay led to a run. His double led to the scoring of one.

1:16 PM 
Blogger spencersteel said...

Cabrera's misplay led directly to the scoring of a run, and I feel that should be noted. His double led directly to the scoring of one.

1:17 PM 

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